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Web Design and Development Mistakes People Make All the Time

Web design and development is a very creative and individual process. However, in most instances, people forget that they are designing and developing the website for visitors, not themselves. This is why you notice that not all websites are attractive, which means that if you design and develop such a website, you will not attract visitors to your website. Therefore, if you are planning to design and develop your website, you need to understand the whole process and the web design and development mistakes people make so that you can avoid mistakes.


Web Design and Development to Avoid

If you want to have a perfect web design and development process, you ought to know the mistakes people have made so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. This section covers common web design and development mistakes people make, ruining their websites. Therefore you should ensure that you read all the mistakes discussed in this section and avoid making them at all costs.

  • Overloading your website

In some situations, people decide to overload their sites with a variety of scattered images, incompatible colour patterns, different fonts and other features that are stylistically unrelated. You can find yourself doing this for several reasons, but when it comes to web design and development, you should limit yourself to a single style. Avoid choosing more than three colours. Also, use one font and logo for your site.

  • Poor website structure

Another mistake people make during web design and development is messing up the website structure.   This becomes difficult for visitors trying to navigate through your site. You ought to ensure that your website structure is transparent so your visitors can easily understand the entire structure.

  • Multiple calls to action

When you include so many calls to action, your visitors will get confused whenever they visit your website. In addition, when you have so many calls to action, your visitors might get frustrated, making them abandon your website. For this reason, you should only have a single call to action on each web page. Having a single call to action makes your visitors have an easy time navigating through your site without getting confused and frustrated.

  • Poor quality linking

One of the greatest web design and development people make is including poor site links. Your visitors must follow high-quality and relevant links since poor links can be frustrating. Even if you have quality content on your site, with poor quality links, your website will be frustrating too. If you want to avoid saying this mistake, you should choose your links wisely so your visitors can also like where you link them.

  • Inappropriate images

Another web design and development people make is using inappropriate images on their websites. Inappropriate and bad images convey very complex thoughts to anyone who sees them. This confuses your visitors and diverts their attention rather than capturing it. Instead, you should ensure that your chosen images are relevant to your website theme.

  • Overlapping pop-ups

Although pop-ups can be beneficial to a website, they can also bring irritation and discomfort to the visitors. You need to ensure that you avoid aggressive pop-ups which overlap your content.


If you feel like you cannot do a perfect web design and development job, you should not do it alone. Instead, you should outsource web design and development services from professionals who have been doing it for quite some time. With the help of a web development company in Brisbane, you will not make these mistakes, and you will design and develop a perfect website that will help you achieve all your goals.


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